Unboxing a new idea..?

One of my favourite things about the process of making art is being able to explore a range of different mediums. Whether it’s pencil, pastel, ink, or paint – each medium seems to have a vibe of its own. Because of this, our choice of medium leads us to work in a particular way. The same image would appear completely differently in, say, watercolour compared to pencil. Not only that, but very stylistic art usually depends heavily on the artist’s choice of medium.

For me, my art style lies somewhere between impressionism and realism. While I can’t claim to have an entirely impressionist style of painting, the way I like to work is deeply influenced by impressionist techniques. This includes impasto (heavy layering of paint using short, purposeful brushstrokes) and a focus on light and colour.

All of my work is inspired by nature. I love coming across a beautiful landscape or waterscape that takes my breath away – I just have to paint it! For example, the season-inspired series that I am currently working on is an artistic representation of my emotional connection to nature, as well as a symbolic representation of the importance of living sustainably in response to ecological demands. (Well, that’s my intention when I’m painting, at least!)

Most of my work is done with oil paints. I find that this medium has a sort of pliable, organic quality that, personally, I just don’t experience with other types of paint. In my sketchbook, however, I usually work in pencil or pastel. These mediums also allow me use the short, purposeful lines of colour that my art style requires; they just don’t give me the option of heavy layering.

I recently bought a new box of Sennelier oil pastels and, although I’m working with pastels almost every day anyway, I suddenly felt that the work I’m doing on the season-inspired series would translate over into this other medium in a really interesting way.  (Can I also just pause to say how much fun unboxing new things is – I put that stuff straight in my Instagram story without thinking twice!)

So, long story short, I think it’s time to update my bio. The pieces I’ll be offering in my Etsy shop will not only be oil paintings, but also oil pastel studies of birds and botanical elements in a style that’s consistent with my semi-impressionist painting technique. Well, that’s for now anyway. Who knows what other ideas will pop out of a freshly opened box of art supplies?

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