“The Lake” | Original waterscape oil painting on canvas

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Studio Llewellyn!

As my Etsy shop continues to grow, I thought I could introduce the various ‘sections’ of my shop and give a little explanation of the type of work that I’ll be offering there.


Of course, you’re already familiar with the season-inspired pieces that some of my previous anecdotes have related to (click here to check out the new addition to this collection today!) These pieces can be found in the ‘Canvas | Flora and fauna’ section, which (as the name suggests) will also be filled with future collections that follow the same vein as the season-inspired works: dynamic compositions of flowers, foliage, and woodland creatures.

Later this week, I’ll also be adding my pastel drawings to the mix, and these will be grouped into two sections. The ‘Paper | Wildlife studies’ section will show the oil pastel drawings that I’ve been working on recently (check out my Instagram posts for a preview of the work that’s available!) and ‘Paper | Mini artwork’ will be where you can find the best of my daily sketchbook challenges. By purchasing these ‘mini artwork’ pieces, you can not only engage with the foundational elements of my life in the studio but also help support this emerging artist as she continues to develop her skill.

Last but not least, the ‘Canvas | Land and water’ section will display the landscape and waterscape pieces that I’ll be working on in between other projects. The first of these, “The Lake” is available now.

This piece is adapted from a photograph I took back in the winter of 2016 whilst on a nature walk with my significant other. There was just something about the stillness of the air and coolness of the water that made that moment a memory I can’t quite forget – and I’ve been looking for an excuse to express those feelings in paint ever since!

I still can’t quite decide which element of this painting is my favourite. The thick paint and visible brushstrokes of the swan and cloudy sky are a staple part of my art style, but for this piece there is something about the water that still gets me. I’d love to revisit that same spot at a different time of year to observe how the atmosphere has changed. For now though, I’ll just enjoy gazing at the painting (until it finds a new home!)


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