Sketchbook Sundays

If you are at least somewhat familiar with my work, I’m sure you will have noticed that I don’t shy away from vivid colours. In fact, it’s difficult for me to resist throwing my favourite colours into the mix when I’m making art!

So it naturally follows that I spend more time practising with colour than with, say, composition or perspective. As a result, I feel like these elements of my artwork are much less strong (and, if I’m being honest, I usually avoid challenging myself in these areas, “Tsk tsk” *shakes head in disapproval*)

Well, that is about to change! I’ve decided for at least the next month or so to dedicate my Sunday afternoon to sketching just with my charcoal pencil. I’m going to call this ‘Sketchbook Sunday’ (because it sounds nice, obviously), and the idea is to focus on lines, composition, and perspective. No colour! *pouty face*


It will be interesting to see how this impacts my artwork going forwards, and I’m looking forward to making some before/after comparisons. So stay tuned for all that excitement!

For now though, let me know how you challenge yourself to improve your skill by stepping outside your comfort zone. Leave a comment below for a chance to be featured in next weeks’ post!


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