Moody art

Everybody gets moody; and everybody has deadlines. Sometimes, it’s the deadlines that make us moody – and sometimes it’s just… grrr, everything! (You know the feeling!)

Being productive when you’re in a bad mood can feel really difficult, but pushing through the frustration and managing to finish the task at hand does often help. When it comes to art, I usually persevere through the metaphorical grey clouds of moodiness and let creativity be my therapist. Catharsis. All the catharsis.

I often wondered to what extent my art was affected by my mood, and feared that the work I did while feeling –grrr- would somehow become “moody art”, art that looked like a mad mood. But I generally concluded that my art essentially didn’t change, and only the way I felt about it did. And that was that.

Or so I thought.

I present to you Exhibits A and B; A.K.A ‘the moody art’ and ‘the reworking’. Here’s the story:

After drawing what I thought was a cheeky-looking, bright-eyed little hedgehog – and thereby ridding myself of my temporary mad mood (ahh, catharsis) – posting it on Instagram, and listing it in my Etsy shop, I got a message from another Etsy seller looking to generate interest in his shop by promoting the work of his favourite sellers. He made some lovely comments about my work (check out his list ‘Favourite Animal Art’, which features some pieces from my shop) and he mentioned that the hedgehog drawing in particular had caught his eye. But something was puzzling him – why did the hedgehog look “a bit cross”?

When I looked again I could see exactly what he meant! I had inadvertently made some moody art — so I can confirm that it does exist after all!


Are you an Etsy seller or artist? Leave a link to your work in the comments below for a chance to be featured in my next blog post!

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