What’s new? My first Etsy order!

I’m not sure how time has passed so quickly since my last blog post, but it’s nice to be back at my keyboard none the less! I think it’s only fair to give you guys a bit of an update on what’s been happening, so, in no particular order…

My “Sketchbook Sunday” challenge was great fun and it definitely made me rethink how I approach lines in my painting. I only intended to do it for a month or so, but honestly I’m not ready to stop!

My obsession with spring flowers morphed into an obsession with landscapes, and has taken over my recent ‘mini artwork’ pieces. Previously, I felt like painting small landscapes was counter-intuitive, because I couldn’t grasp how to convey that sense of expanse and open space on a tiny canvas. But, after experimenting for a while, I realised that going bold with colour puts this across in a really interesting way. There’s definitely more to this that needs to be explored.

On a slightly negative note, I accidentally ruined one of my pastel drawings by leaving wet material on top of it… *sigh**facepalm*… But, the silver lining was that I reorganised my workspace and came up with some new storage solutions, so the whole space is feeling much fresher! Luckily, I scanned the drawing so I do have a non-ruined digital copy which I can keep to one side for making prints in the future.

Finally, Studio Llewellyn has reached an exciting landmark… I made my first Etsy sale! *happy dance**happy dance* “Yay!” Although the enjoyment that I get from painting is an end in itself, being able to sell my work is such a wonderful endorsement of the time I’ve spent. It’s so encouraging to know that my art brings joy to other people, as well as myself.

So, thank you all for bearing with my silence and my ups-and-downs. Most of all, thank you for your support and encouragement. It really means a lot.

That’s all for today, guys. Stay awesome, and keep making art!

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