Digital Daydream: the art of Jesper Krijgsman

The work of Zürich-based Dutch artist and designer Jesper Krijgsman has a classical sensibility: Lush and colorful compositions of an arcadian world one would encounter in a dream. The artist invites you to step out of our fast-paced and modern society and into a land where nature’s diversity is celebrated and mystical qualities are amplified.

Although his natural scenes are fictional, a sense of realism is added through a certain attention to detail. Instead of traditional painting, the artist digitally combines his hundreds of single photographs taken of plants, animals and textures to build his paradisical collages. By utilizing exclusively elements gathered from our natural world, the artist hopes to revive a sense of enchantment and appreciation for our environment.

You can find all artwork on the artist’s website  –


Are you an artist looking to share your work? Studio Llewellyn is proud to support emerging artists by offering this platform as a place for you to show off your creative talents free of charge.

Visit the Submissions page to review the Terms & Conditions and submit your entry for a chance to be featured in my next blog post!

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