Artist Rachel Card: UK Wildlife and Science Illustrator

Rachel Card is an artist based in Devon, England, who explores the beauty and complexities of the natural world, underlining environmental themes.

“I specialise in both traditional pencil and ink drawings, with many of my personal works incorporating pen and ink pointillism, an intricate process involving the layering of hundreds and thousands of small dots to create tone and texture of my subject. With patience and discipline, my work aims to represent the qualities of nature’s fragility and complex forms by heavily focusing on detailed and intricate structures.”


The artist’s work is available via her website –

Studio Llewellyn’s favourites among her work include a selection of various flora and fauna themed botanical illustrations, combining traditional and digital techniques, as well as image and typography; alongside a series of posters on the effects of consumerism on birds.

Wilting Rose | Artist Rachel Card


Are you an artist looking to share your work? Studio Llewellyn is proud to support emerging artists by offering this platform as a place for you to show off your creative talents free of charge.

Visit the Submissions page to review the Terms & Conditions and submit your entry for a chance to be featured in my next blog post!

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