Studio Llewellyn is the trading name of artist, Polly Llewellyn. Based in York, UK, Studio Llewellyn represents the dream of one young artist who is turning her talent into a career.


“Working primarily with oils and canvas, I take inspiration from nature and the seasons. I love the British countryside (although not so much the weather) and enjoy spending time in my small garden, helping things grow.

My art style is a blend of realism and impressionism. I love colour, and typically work with expressive and contrastive palettes. Flowers are my ultimate inspiration – the endless variety of shapes, colours, and textures will never cease to amaze and captivate me.

For me, the process of painting is excellent for promoting mindfulness – and so is spending time with nature. My paintings are meant to instil a quiet sense of peace and to remind observers of the impact that we as humans have on the natural environment.”


Studio Llewellyn donates 5% of its profits to the environmental NGOs, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. By purchasing work from Studio Llewellyn, you are helping to support a small independent business and contributing to the efforts of environmental activism.