Running uphill; rolling down

If you're following me on Instagram, you'll know that I'm midway through the final  painting in the season-inspired series that I'm currently working on. I've posted regular updates on the progress of this painting: from composition sketch, to underpainting, and now building up layers of colour and texture. The last stage of the painting will … Continue reading Running uphill; rolling down

finished oil pastel drawing

Pastelling like paint

I recently told you guys that I have started a new oil pastel project geared around the season-inspired flora and fauna paintings that I've been working on the past couple of months. A few of these oil pastel wildlife studies are now listed in my Etsy shop, and a new one will be added today … Continue reading Pastelling like paint

Unboxing a new idea..?

One of my favourite things about the process of making art is being able to explore a range of different mediums. Whether it's pencil, pastel, ink, or paint - each medium seems to have a vibe of its own. Because of this, our choice of medium leads us to work in a particular way. The … Continue reading Unboxing a new idea..?

The challenge of making art daily

Hi everyone, welcome back to Studio Llewellyn! Today's post comes to you from my dining room table. I have a cup of tea on my left side, a plate of toast on my right, an easel in the corner and art supplies all over the floor. This is a normal part of my day - … Continue reading The challenge of making art daily