Looking; then looking again

One of the things that I like most about painting impressions is that the same subject can leave you with a different impression each time you view it. To me, an impression is what is left behind in your mind's eye after having viewed the subject, often only for a brief moment. If you look, … Continue reading Looking; then looking again

Moody art

Everybody gets moody; and everybody has deadlines. Sometimes, it's the deadlines that make us moody - and sometimes it's just... grrr, everything! (You know the feeling!) Being productive when you're in a bad mood can feel really difficult, but pushing through the frustration and managing to finish the task at hand does often help. When … Continue reading Moody art

Learning to look

It's almost March and I feel like we're on the cusp of a new season (despite the imminent arrival of a cold spell). I'm furiously wishing Spring into being by painting a 'mini artwork' series of spring flowers. This explains why most of my recent Instagram posts have just been flowers, flowers, flowers. (Sorry, guys! … Continue reading Learning to look

Starting a new project… or a journey

If you're already following me on Instagram, you'll know that I've just started a new seascape painting (it's actually also a figurative work - it features my little girl on the beach, bucket in hand, adapted from a photograph I took a couple of years ago - another cute memory that I wanted to preserve). Although … Continue reading Starting a new project… or a journey

When art just doesn’t go to plan!?#@*

As with all creative activities, the process of making art is an end in itself. Of course, it's fantastic when we come up with (in our humble opinions) absolute masterpieces, but mostly artists just make art for the love of making art. So what happens when art doesn't go to plan? You know those days … Continue reading When art just doesn’t go to plan!?#@*